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Agate Jewellery: Princess Pink (Style 02) Zoom

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Agate Jewellery: Princess Pink (Style 02)

Product from Brazil Brazil
Rs. 3,690.00

Availability: Only 1 Available

Dimension74 x 84 mm with 18 inch string
Weight56 grams
MaterialSemi Precious
Color Pink
Country of OriginBrazil
Estimated Arrival3 to 7 Days
Shipping ChargeFree Delivery In India

* Like wearing bold jewellery? For sure your jewellery collection is not complete if it does not include at least one agate jewellery in your favorite color.

* Bright Vibrant Colors. Stunning Textures. All to make you look even more gorgeous.

* Agate is probably one of the most beautiful and fascinating semi precious stones. Probably that why its also called as the happiness stone. Its translucent quartz which takes thousands and millions of years to form and one of the best agates are found in brazil. This piece is also a brazilian agate.

* Each agate piece is unique and so are our sterling silver holders. What you see is what you get as we have taken pictures of every agate piece we sell. Reason why they are all limited edition once its gone we would never be able to get the exact same piece again. There is no editing or color correction done for these images as we have tried to give you the closest possible look of the real color. Their actual color may still look different from screen color as that changes from computer screen to computer screen.