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Striking Distance: Necklace, (Shells, Turquoise Stone & Amber) Zoom

  • Reviewer: Dipi Posted: Aug 20, 2017
    Absolutely beautiful stuff

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Striking Distance: Necklace, (Shells, Turquoise Stone & Amber)

Product from Poland Poland
Rs. 11,000.00

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DimensionNecklace: Length 22.5 inch, Shell: Diameter 1.6 cm Approx., Amber: Diameter 1.2 cm
Weight66 grams
MaterialSemi Precious
Color Amber
Country of OriginPoland
Estimated Arrival3 to 7 Days
Shipping ChargeFree Delivery In India

* Combine turquoise stone with shells and slightly polished baltic sea amber and you get one of its kind neck piece. Elevates your dressing quotient with this beautiful Necklace.

* What we love about this is that it is not a typical normal, boring or a common style neck piece. It’s different.

* Baltic sea amber are among the best ambers one can buy. At Magnifico we always strive to bring in the jewellery right from the source. This baltic sea amber comes with sterling silver elements.

* Amber is a fossilized tree resin which takes couple of hundreds or thousands of year to form. Amber has been used for jewellery since stone age almost 13,000 years ago. Its much appreciated for its rich mesmerizing color and natural appearance. Original Amber is not a commonly available gemstone largely connoisseurs and people with deep knowledge about gemstones know and appreciate genuine amber.

* Baltic Amber is not just a organic gemstone which is used in fine jewellery its also recommend for people with respiratory problems or with high stress levels. Infact in many countries its a tradition to make babies wear amber necklace to help in their teething process. Honestly we are not sure of all these claims but as we see it.... baltic amber is a piece of beauty.

* Capture a bit of Stone Age culture in your jewellery box. Own your very own amber. See entire collection of amber jewelry from Magnifico